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Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

You're just starting to learn Excel and it seems ... OMG ... So much to learn!
Ahhhh, but there are about a googol # of YouTube videos - all free - that can teach you everything ... RIGHT ?
(Well, good luck with that !)
You'll end up wishing there was just ONE PLACE where all the most important TIPS can be found *AND* where those tips can actually be UNDERSTOOD clearly.  GUESS WHAT - you're already there !
You've been using Excel for a while and are pretty good at it - well, the basics anyway (for instance, you already know how to handle those pesky $ signs.)  But you're ready to move to the next level and you'd like to become adept at such necessary techniques as VLOOKUP, FILTERING/SORTING, and, PIVOT TABLES (the greatest thing since sliced bread.)
Look no further - THIS is the place you want to be !
You're already adept at Excel and are looked upon in your organization as the Excel Guru.  You actually find using Excel to be (DARE we say it ... FUN!)  But you also realize there is still a lot to learn to really make Excel jump through hoops although you DON'T want to get into things like crap that would only interest a Ph.D. in Astrophysics.  You may be asking "Aren't there really cool real-world and business-type Tricks in Excel which I can use?"  YES - and here they are!
Just click on the TIPS menu at top to get to your desired Tip, Trick, or Technique.