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What We Do



Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities, whether it's for business, home, or personal use.

We design, build, test, enhance, implement, and enable, with the bottom-line being our client's satisfaction.


Some clients don't know what they don't know so we bring our deep, functional expertise to help them identify what they need and want.  But, just as important, is liking what you're doing.  We're known for our fun and enthusiastic approach to work and helping our clients achieve their objectives.


We love what we do which all boils down to making our clients glad that they decided to work with us.



Who wants to spend hours in an Excel seminar or training class learning about all kinds of things you don't really need or want?  Who enjoys hours of watching Youtube videos on Excel topics that are better at curing your insomnia than anything else?


Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced user, we will increase your productivity with Excel, so you can do more in less time.


We focus on exactly what our clients' needs are and make the learning experience painless with our hands-on, "See It First, Then Do It"  personalized approach.



Anybody can build an Excel worksheet and with relatively little effort, make it look slick and somewhat professional.  But is it accurate and free from error? We can catch inconsistencies in your worksheets and find errors that might go unnoticed and affect your bottom line.


Even large corporations depend on Excel to support their enterprise core systems, reporting, and decision-making analyses.  Studies have shown that an alarming percentage of Excel systems have material error.


Do you have an Excel worksheet that's not working as you'd like?  Are you unsure whether your Excel workbook is preserving the integrity of your data?

Let us give you the comfort that your Excel work truly reflects the information as intended, without error.

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