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A few examples
of the Excel work

As the entire world is dealing with the pandemic, most of us are interested in the daily stats for # of Cases, etc. 

And while there's no lack of COVID-19 info online, I have not been able to get the perspectives of data that I'd like, for example, daily progression of Cases and Deaths by country, by % of pop., breakdown by US States and Canadian Provinces, etc., so I put together this dashboard which I update daily with a single click.

The source of data for this dashboard is Worldometer.com.

All dashboard tables and charts are connected to the relevant Worldometer pages.  This is a well-respected international site for statistical data (site info is on the dashboard.)  Dashboard elements include complete tables of Cases, Deaths, Tests, by country, Population by country, multi-charts for selected countries, enlarged charts for user-selected countries, and a map breakdown.


Click the virus to see dashboard example

covid dashboard image.JPG

After many years of working with people who use Excel, I came to realize what they tend to want most so I created a special workbook entitled "Excel for Non-Dummies" (a take-off of the popular book series.)  

This package of 112 worksheets compiles thousands of hours of knowledge and contains the most sought-after features and techniques needed for business, analysis, planning, and number-crunching purposes.  These are all highly-documented Tips, Tricks, and Techniques that can save you significant time and trouble when using Excel.  

These are not esoteric examples that would be of interest only to astrophysicists; this is a wealth of information that solves commonly-used problems in the real world.  Each tip is documented in an easy-to-understand manner that will allow you to put it into practice right away.

N.B.  Example shown is a live workbook showcasing all 112 worksheets. 

For more info, contact JKJL.

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In 2011, the University of Washington Women's Gymnastics team had a need to track meet scores for their gymnasts.

This would assist coaches, athletes, families and friends keep up-to-date with current meet results as well as identify historical trends and performance metrics.


Other sites provided meet scores but none made it easy to view scores by gymnast, by meet, by date, by event, along with rankings, top scores, charts, and trending.  

Results from 2011-2014 were made available online and could easily be viewed by anyone with the link to that site.


Everything is held within a single Excel workbook but viewers did not have to know anything about Excel nor did they need to have Excel on their laptops or devices in order to view the extensive reports.

Toastmasters International is a world-wide organization consisting of over 14,000 clubs dedicated to empowering its members to develop communication and leadership skills resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


One of the oldest clubs in Arizona saw a need to have a system that would track member speeches and leadership roles such that they could achieve their objectives as quickly as they would like. This Excel-based system, called Excel-TM, also helps clubs manage their roster, meeting minutes, distinguished club program goals, and completion records towards the various coveted designations awarded from Toastmasters International.


After the meeting minutes are entered, it takes less than 15 minutes to update all the reports online.

Working with many organizations where Excel-use is rampant, I've had the privilege of providing services and consulting to a great many users, from beginners to advanced.  


Over the years, I kept getting the same requests repeatedly about techniques on using Excel.  I put together a presentation workbook focused on these items which I call "Useful Tips." 

These include some of the most asked-for methods in Excel that can save many hours of tedious effort.

N.B.  Example shown is not meant to be fully-functional on that site.  For more info, contact JKJL.

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