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 I reviewed your work and it is nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to quickly put this together and for exceeding the expectation that I had with this task. This works quite well with what I had in mine for my client and make things substantively easier for them when it comes to data input.

Once again I really appreciate your assistance in creating this and for going that extra mile to explain how it functions through the recording. I was not expecting that level of support and guidance but wholeheartedly appreciate it.

AJ,, Client Services, HRB, Government of Canada - 2020

Al's Covid19 Dashboard - All the information you need in one place!

This is an amazing LIVE interactive chart where you can find worldwide and local information. Just click on the area, state, country to get all the updated information. With my family being in England and France I like to see what is going on there and see what is happening in here without having to go to a bunch of different sites,

I would love to hear your comments as I think this is just amazing.

Lorraine Ryall, licensed broker, KOR Properties, Mesa, AZ - 2020

Al is an oustanding MS Excel instructor. He consistently scores 10/10 on student evaluations. Al has a special gift for teaching. His expertise with MS Excel at all levels is really amazing and his ability to keep students engaged makes him a favourite with all of our clients.

Peter Hall, Director, TrainingToronto - 2019

We had heard about Mr. Baker’s expertise in Excel training, and decided to setup several training sessions for our employees.  Our staff are already well-versed in Excel but at a variety of skill levels.  The turnout for these sessions was remarkable; all were filled.

The proof in the quality of the trainings came after the sessions ended.  I had a number of my staff come by and thank me for bringing Al Baker in to train them in Excel.  He did a great job, and we will plan to have him come back for additional trainings.

Bob Marcus, CFO, Jerry's Artarama, Raleigh, North Carolina - 2018

Al is the quintessential Excel professional.  While we worked together, Al created a brilliant online Excel tracking system  track ALL of our club’s activities and the communication and leadership activities of each of our individual members.  This system was one of the key reasons our club has achieved the highest Toastmaster’s designation, “President’s Distinguished”, yearly, for the past several years. 


When Al delivers technical presentations, he actually delivers them in a way that maintains the audience’s attention, interest, and ability to comprehend the material His presentations are the opposite of boring.  He puts them together with creativity, humor, and content that is understandable and keeps you wanting for more.


If you are looking for someone to help you with Excel projects, training or presentations, Excel Al is the man.  He knows what he is doing and can be completely trusted to give you excellent end results.  He’s a man of his word and is beyond conscientious in his work.

Kate Miraglia, AADP Certified Health Coach, Life Coach, Speaker, Owner, Mesa, Arizona - 2017

Late on a Sunday evening I was in a panic and turned to Al to rescue me.  Al promptly used his problem-solving skills to trouble-shoot and approach the challenge at hand clearly and thoughtfully.  His patience was a much needed counter balance to my anxiety.  Al's resourcefulness pointed me in the right direction where a solution could be found.

Lisa Vogel, President, Mama Media Inc., Toronto, Canada - 2016

Al saved me from a tangled mess another “Consultant” created that cost my company thousands in dollars and countless hours of wasted time.  His approach is so logical that anyone could comprehend and get the project moved to completion. On time and on budget to boot!

You would be foolish to use anyone besides JKJL for your Excel strategic needs!"

Aaron Santas, Owner, Guardian Roofing, Seattle, Washington - 2016

Al Baker's Excel-TM is the best thing ever invented for Toastmasters!  Other tools do not compare to the tracking features of Excel-TM.  This Excel program is practically miraculous, because it lets you input the minutes from previous meetings and then you can plan for future meetings with the click of a button; it will also calculate how many times each person has performed which role, plus it has many helpful reminders and navigation tools.  And as if this Excel system wasn't user-friendly enough, Al Baker himself is an exceptional support person.  Whenever I had an issue, Al responded promptly to my request for help. He was always understanding , positive, & respectful.  Every Toastmasters club needs Excel-TM! Every Toastmasters member will love it!

Sarah Johnson, VP-Education, Biltmore Toastmasters, Phoenix, Arizona - 2016

Al, your Excel prowess is the stuff of legend!

Lynette Carrington, Media Specialist and Features Writer at Scottsdale.com and City Brand Media, Scottsdale, Arizona - 2016

Once I explained to Al exactly what I was trying to do, he taught me in very clear, simple ways how to get the result I was looking for and, of course, in the process I learned simple applications I could apply to other tasks I would need often, as well.  Al's very specific, tailored approach to what I needed to know, helped me create reports that were not only accurate and precise but aesthetically pleasing as well and I was able to create them the next day!   I would recommend Al to anyone who wants to learn the vast capabilities of Excel, but his real gift and one I think any of us can benefit from, is his ability to break it down into small learnable pieces that you can use immediately to make your job/ life a lot easier.  This targeted approach saves lots of time and money, two very important commodities we all need more of!

Pamela Navarre, General Manager, AlliedPRA Arizona, Chandler, Arizona - 2015

"That is one impressive spreadsheet. In a word a masterpiece. Dataheads in the VPE slot will salivate in their dreams after seeing this one. I pay homage to the spreadsheet gods for the inspiration that sourced this sheet. Thank you so much for sharing.  This is an Excel spreadsheet for managing club education that is like working with art. Everybody will want it."

Derrick Trimble, Provoker of Creativity and Creative Thinking, London, UK - 2014

Al is our most experienced and versatile Principal consultant.  Any opportunity to utilize Al on some of our more complex projects would be of great benefit to us all.

Terry Cole, Senior Consulting Manager, SAP Americas, Atlanta, Georgia - 2008

Al is one of our most valuable, and sought-after, resources.

Rick Schreiber, Group Head - Profitability & Cost Solutions, SAP Americas, Denver, Colorado - 2007

I have been to a lot of training sessions that really were a waste of time. Working with Al was time well spent.  His ability to relate the product to our corporate needs and processes is amazing.

Diane Henderson – Amerihealth, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 2006

Sagicor would have never been referenceable in this way without Al’s meticulous work and follow up out there. Despite their ‘exotic’ location, they have become a precious reference for Nigel in the UK as well as for several US prospects.  Thanks for the quality work you’ve been putting into them!

Jerome Feltracco, Senior Account Exec, Enterprise Solutions, SAP Americas, Atlanta, Georgia - 2005