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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why am I LESS expensive than other Excel consultancy services?

Because I enjoy helping others and giving back.  It's gratifying to show people that Excel is not some scary, complex tool that is hard to learn and use well. Nothing's better than helping a client get over some frustration they're having with their worksheets and then hearing them say "OMG - I never knew Excel could do THAT; you just saved me so many hours and tons of work!"

Do I use a lot of VBA (Macro) programming?

No; I'm not a programmer - most of my solutions, tips, and tricks are VBA-free.

That's not to say I never use macros; sometimes a client's objectives are better served with macros.  However, in most cases, macros require more maintenance than a client is able or willing to give, so my solutions tend to stay away from macros.

Am I trained in computer science?

No; I have a Commerce degree from the University of Toronto and my background is Accounting/Audit, Financial Analysis, and Cost Management.

Do I have a Microsoft MVP designation?

No, because to obtain that, I'd have to spend all my time with Excel technical communities and forums and I'm not interested in that.  MVPs are great but real-life experience in knowing how ordinary people use Excel, plus knowing how to communicate well with them, are even better.

How much experience do I have?

I've been using Excel even before it was Excel (when it was Multiplan); and I have nearly 30 years consulting experience, including 10 with SAP, the largest enterprise software company in the world.  Excel has always been a vital part of my work in financial management and performance analytics.

What is my specialty?

  • Helping others become more productive with Excel

  • Focusing on users' specific needs

  • Helping beginners get over their "fear" of using Excel

  • Explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner

How do we get started?

I need to get an understanding of your objectives and needs.  I may ask you to send me your worksheets so I can enhance that understanding.  Then I will provide a “Letter of Engagement” that will define the work to be done, milestones to be achieved, how the project will be monitored (if applicable), and all Terms & Conditions.

Work does not begin without your signed consent.

Can you provide your services remotely? 

Training sessions are best conducted in person but, sometimes, remote sessions using Zoom/Microsoft Teams/etc. can be very effective, esp. during times such as the Covid-19 shutdown.  Consulting services can almost always be provided remotely although a face-to-face is desirable at the beginning and end of any project, if possible.

What about security of my company information? 

I'm happy to sign a Non-Disclosure form guaranteeing security.  I use encrypted zip technology to transfer files and will always treat your information with the utmost in professional confidentiality.

Is my work guaranteed?

At JKJL, I adopt a "No Surprises" philosophy.  If you're not satisfied, you don't pay.  No consulting firm I’ve ever heard of offers THAT.  

I’ve never had anyone ask for their money back.

How is payment made?

Interbank e-transfer, Cash, Cheque, or Paypal.

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