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Excel is DEAD

Excel's been around since 1987 - isn't it time to say BUH-BYE to the Spreadsheet ? Good riddance Excel !

Let's face it...Excel is too complicated, it's confusing, it's hard to look at all those numbers, IF-THEN-ELSE statements are maddening; and what about VLOOKUP - Fuggedaboutit. Besides, there are all those other tools out there that make ilfe so much easier for finance-types, number-crunchers, and anyone who needs to organize stuff, right?

Ever try to do a macro? OMG - shoot me now, please! What about charts - so much maintenance! And how about simple copy-and-paste? What the **** are those dollar signs all about ??

Click the gravestone to read more about the DEATH of Excel (in PDF format.)

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